When nothing is right,And you feel like in hell,Keep chanting, All is well, All is well.If there is negativity around you,you could smell,Keep chanting,All is well, All is well.

What is in future,Nobody can tell,So keep chanting,All is well, All is well.You are free, you are mature,You have your own conscious,So nobody can compel.But remember one thing,

Act positive now and ,Keep chanting,All is well, All is well.

We all are walking on a road called life, full of ups and downs. Journey of life is nothing but like walking on a hilly road. There are ups and downs. We feel worried when we fall and feel very happy when we are moving upwards. Sometimes whatever we do, it all goes wrong. It is not because you are not capable of doing the thing but it is due to the fact that the right time for the same is not yet come or may be for any other reason. So my dear don’t get dishearten and just keep on trying. Every failure gives us many opportunities to learn something new. So keep learning and moving forward. One day I am sure that nothing can stop you to achieve success.

Never allow negativity to engulf you. It is the negativity that compel you to think that you cannot do anything. You start feeling negativity around you. You start thinking that everybody is against you. Feeling of anger, irritation, frustration starts flourishing in you. The best way to avoid this negativity is to keep faith in yourself. Also have faith in God and in your near and dears. They can all help you to overcome negativity.

You are mature enough in judging what is wrong and what is right for you. You are also free enough to take your own decisions, so act smartly, chose the right path, have faith in you and move ahead.

Always look the positive side of the situation and also keep telling your near and dear, your brother and sisters to act positively. Life is like an exam we have to give the exam in order to get success and success or failure only depends on us, how we prepare for the exam. There are no consequences in any action. There is nothing wrong or right, bad or good. It all is perception of our mind.

So keep facing life as it is. Be prepared to face the exam. If you prepared well, what consequences can do? Past has gone, why to weep on it. Future is not known so why to worry for it. Always live in present and enjoy it.

Just know that All was well, All is well, All will be well.

It is not your life only. It is attached with the society, the state, the country and in broad terms with whole universe. What you do, how you act can affect the same so

Be prepared to act positive always

Act Positive now.