CONTEMPLATIVE :Intellectual:-

The person is intelligent, who is not unhappy for those things which he does not have, but is happy with what he has – Epictetus

VIZ We should be happy with what we have .Because if we are always unhappy and sad, we will not be able to enjoy whatever we have. The intelligent person knows that whatever he has, he should enjoy only that. He will always be satisfied. Because he knows that if he always remain unhappy for the things, what he not have then he may not enjoy the things, which are with him. Moreover, it is not necessary that he will get the things he wants.Thats why intelligent always remains satisfied.

The person who know that he is not intelligent, can be expected to become intelligent – Cyrus

VIZ the person, who knows that he is not an intelligent, only he can have the desire to learn. The only person who will be interested in learning can become intelligent. The person, who does not believe he is not an intelligent, always thinks that he knows everything. In this way, he will not try to learn anything and will never be able to become an intelligent. It means, always accept your weaknesses and try to remove them.

Nothing is impossible in the world in front of the wisdom of the wise. The weaponless Chanakya had destroyed the armed Nand dynasty by his intelligence.-Panchatantra

VIZ the person, who is wise, can do all the work of the world with the help of his intellect. He can do any difficult work by using his intellect. For him, no work of the world is impossible. Just the way, weaponless Chanakya had, with the help of only his intelligence, wiped off the Armed Nand dynasty, in the same way, intelligent people can use their intelligence to do any impossible work in this world. With the help of their intelligence, they can make any impossible work look simple and easy .The meaning of this is to say that we should develop our own intellect, because only our intelligence can work for us in difficult and impossible situations.

No ideal is perfect without the stability of intelligence.-Vinoba Bhave

VIZ the person, whose intellect is not stable, cannot do any work properly. His mind will not involve in any work and will always wanders. To successfully do any work, it is very important to be fully involve in it. When a person’s intelligence is not in his work, then how can he do his work? In this way, he will become the character of ridicule in the world by spoiling the work. Such a person will never be called perfect. Only that person will be called ideal who has stabilized his intellect.

The intelligence of the wise is like a mirror. It takes a heavenly light and reflects it.-haer

VIZ Wise always thinks good for everyone. In his mind, for everyone, he bears a feeling of love, kindness and benevolence. His soul, filled with virtues, shines with Divinity. In this way, he makes every person, who comes in contact with him, holy and clean. To say means that, he takes a heavenly light and reflects it. “i.e. the intelligence of the wise is like a mirror”.