One who fears to fail is sure to fail.-Napoleon

VIZ if a person, without doing the work he should do, sit down, thinking that he will never be successful in it he certainly will not be successful in doing that work. It is because he will not even try to do the work and if he ever try to do it, he will do it perfunctorily. Hence, his failure in that task is certain. The person, who beforehand, without even facing the difficulties, is afraid of difficulties, can never find a way to avoid and win them and thus soon accepts defeat. Therefore, it is said that the one who fears to fail is sure to fail.

Misery comes only through fear, death comes only through fear and evil only comes from fear.-Vivekananda

VIZ When a person is under the influence of fear, then he is unable to perform his duties correctly. Moreover, when he do work badly, he will never be successful in life, as he never do anything correctly. Due to which misery comes in his life. He constantly live in fear thereby losing his health too and brings death .Under the influence of constant fear ,he starts telling lies, doing wrongful things and all type of criminal activities. Therefore, it is advisable to overcome fears and it is   said wisely that Misery comes only through fear, death comes only through fear and evil only comes from fear.

Whoever is afraid of you in your presence, he hates you in your absence-English Proverb

VIZ sometimes, a person is afraid of you, due to which he even do that work which is not correct in his vision. He even starts flattery and if he heard anything-foolish thing, he accepts it. Although his heart is against it.Due to all this, he start hating you. However, when he is not in your presence, he has no fear and he expresses his anger and hate against you. Hence, it is true that never try to make anyone afraid from you. Because as he cradle hate against you, he may start thinking of harming you, in your absence.

At that particular moment, coward do such bad things, so he starts to wonder, afterwords-Vinoba bhave

VIZ the person who gets scared, He agree any bad thing of any person due to fear .Due to fear, at that moment he becomes unethical and do such works which are immoral and full of sin. Later on when he get some courage and his conscience is awake again then he thinks he has done so much disgusting work that he never wanted to do. Thats why we should never be afraid because it makes us devil.

Fear always arises from ignorance-Emerson

VIZ when a person does not know anything, then all the things related to that subject seem like a mountain to him. Because as he is unable to understand anything, then he starts fearing for that matter. Similarly, when a person does not have any knowledge of the work, so he starts scaring to do such work. It is necessary to face the fear, to get information about that work or subject, and when the person does so, the same subject or work is being feeled easy by him and he starts enjoying him.