When a person turns his ideology towards inwardly, then he is capable of destroying the disorders within himself. However, these disorders already exist within the person, but due to his continuously looking towards outside, these disorders are not visible.

To satisfy the person’s senses, insatiable hunger, destroys the natural beauty of his soul. Material desires and sensual pleasures, on the pure soul of a person, sits like dust.

When a person meets various saints, mystics and spiritual masters, they inspire that person to turn inward. When the person performs his consciousness inwardly through the inspiration of those saints, mystics and gurus so then he known that he is not only a body but also a soul and that is a very high reality. Thus, that person begins his journey towards his true home that is the god’s home.

Spiritual followers teach the person those practices, who when followed, helps the person, to purify themselves in their cleanliness campaign.

When the person starts knowing how to meditate then he should spend some moments by sitting away from the daily routine and interacting with the divine light and the stream of sound spread within himself.

Gradually, the person will find that all his disorders like anger, longing, covetousness, greed, attachment etc., which are actual pollutants sticking on his soul, are going away from within it.

Eventually the person has learnt to be sensitive and begins to see others through the eyes of love and gentleness. The mopishness within him is destroyed. He realizes that living with morality and living with harmony with all creatures is paramount. He realizes that being obstinate and displaying his ego can only make him the character of ridicule. While being Satyarthi and being humble, can increases his true beauty.

By thinking this way, the person, instead of being beautiful outside, becomes beautiful from inside and feels beautiful in every creature. Virtually he learns that beauty is not in the fact that he is dressed  beautifully and looking  beautiful outside but rather it is in that how much serene the person is from inside and how much properly  he behaves while dealing with other people.

It should be remembered that only our activities and our behavior could make us attractive or unwelcome. In the words of God Buddha, “Turn inward and cherish the beauty of the soul. This is the main purpose of life.”