Internal beauty is more important than external beauty. That is why man should peep within himself time to time, because there lye kingdom of heaven and true wealth is hidden there.

External beauty is fleeting. If a person looks beautiful today, then it is not necessary that he will look beautiful even tomorrow. Along with aging, external beauty gets destroyed. The real price is of inner beauty. The meaning of inner beauty is the purity of the soul. When a person’s soul is pure then the accumulation of the virtues begins to happen in that person. This soul of a person full of virtues is his real beauty, which can never destroyed.

When a person lookup within himself, then he finds that the real wealth of life is hidden within him. Only Inside him is the kingdom of heaven. It is up to him, that he can establish the kingdom of heaven, within himself. It is possible only when a person tries to peep within himself.

Every person needs to find, know himself and remain in his real form to attain peace and ecstasy. The person searches outside for his beauty and happiness .The person sees the outside path for the achievement of everything.

If he got his desired object then he starts wishing to get more. Moreover, his craving for gaining is never finished; he starts envy by seeing others’ progress, their strengths, and their wealth. He starts feeling emptiness and loneliness within himself and starts to be in a state of excitement.

Even if he does not get the desired object or the fruit, he becomes a victim of fear, anxiety, frustration, jealousy and irrationality of a kind. He becomes a victim of anger and stress, thus losing his mental balance. Attraction towards worldly things, takes the person towards the downfall.

On the other hand, when a person lookup within himself and tries to recognize his soul, then he feels more divine light. Such a divine light which helps the person to get more knowledge, peace, purification of soul, spiritual strength And it helps in reaching supreme happiness.

When a person receives bliss and be one with divine god by purifying his soul, the same condition can be said to be the condition of the inner beauty, which will never get decay. And this only is the heaven, which is within the person.

The truth is that although truth and virtue are everywhere, in order to achieve it, one needs to move his consciousness inside. Outward consciousness, external beauty cannot give that to a person what he can get through inner consciousness. When the person will be calm, blissful and compassionate from within, only then can he also be able to spread the real beauty qualities like happiness, peace and benevolence in the outside world.

The truth, virtue and the Holy Spirit within the person is his true and real wealth, which he gets when he inspires his consciousness inwardly. The person needs to live an internal life full of prosperity, which must be meaningful and purposeful. All external beautiness are destructive, but the love, compassion, and sense of care that grow from within the person which is his true beauty and which will always be with him.

The ultimate goal of a person is his union with God. When a person peeks inward, then he becomes pure and divine. His soul awakens and prepares the role of union with God, and the person ultimately becomes absorbed in Divine and always remain in a state of bliss.