HOW TO LIVE LIFE: We should give the world a better gift that is within us:-

Most of us live the life, but they do not know what we have to provide to this world. Those of us, who know this thing, get fame and honor in the world.

Nevertheless, whether we believe this thing or not, something is hidden within each of us, whether it is abstract or concrete, which we can give to this world. Each of us has this power that we can increase the quality of this world through our contributions.

However, our thinking that we are not better, prevents us from doing this. This is because we are extrovert, look around, and find other people better in their lives. With this, we become a victim of negativity and such a feeling settles within us, “We are not capable enough”.

Gradually our brain begins to accept it and this negative emotion becomes part of our life. In this way, we start to panic about showing our abilities and hobby. Our personality becomes dull, uninteresting and under confident. But, most of all, it stops our growth.

The world needs what we can give him. Anytime ever, frustrated by the fact, that, what we can give to this world is not better, we should not stop. We should try to make ourselves better and offer it to the world.

All of us have come here with some purpose in this world. We should search for that purpose and extend our vitality to the best and rewarding work. We should not weigh our skills in the physical scales of the world. Different types of people live in the world and everyone has their own worth.

Therefore, we should not worry about what we have or whether it is important. If it is positive and can help in making changes in one’s life, whether through words, emotional or material, we should move ahead and share ourselves with the world.

There will be our critics here and our fans. There is only a small danger taking ability, a little bit of courage and a will, that we can change something, is needed.

We will find that we are developing, as well as ideas and other skills given by us. When every person will give some quality to society and the world, think, how will the world can’t become divine?